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Bushcraft Courses

To book a bushcraft please feel free to drop me a email

Weekend bushcraft course

What you'll learn

One of the most rewarding courses ideally designed for beginners who wish to learn the art of bushcraft and survival
The course is set up over two nights and set completely in the wilderness  where your instructors will take you through the basic of survival.
On arrival to the course you will be taken to you base camp and shown your first nights shelter
On this course you will learn a wide variety and range of bushcraft and survival skills which will help you survive in the wilderness
Course Content:
Fire Management Inc: Fire Safety
Fire Lighting by Friction Inc:The Bow Drill
Shelter Building
Water Treatment and Water Sources
Medical Aspects
Wild Food
Trees & Uses
Game Preparation
Backwoods Cooking
Navigation by all methods
Wilderness First Aid
Back Woodsman Candle
Basic Tracking
Plus Many More Skills

Price £130.00

course dates

Fundamental Bushcraft Course

Our fundamental course is set over 5 days and  will give you a great understanding of the natural world along with the knowledge for confidently surviving in the outdoors. Whether it be alone or part of a team.

All aspects of bushcraft and survival will be explored throughout the duration of the course and will be taught in a fun yet thorough manner. You will be monitored by a fully competent instructor who will allow you to put everything you have learnt into practice.

Our courses are ran outdoors regardless of the weather.

Course Content

Making and managing fire

fire by friction

axe and knive use

tool maintenance

natural cordage

natural and modern shelters

knots and rope making

water safety and purification

plant and tree identification

sustainable harvesting

wild foods

traps and snares


ground oven and back woods cooking

water sources

tracking and animal signs

plus loads more

Price £350.00